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Auto Locksmith

One of those days

“Oh, no!  I’m such an idiot!”

No, you’re not, actually.  It is much more common than you may think to be distracted just long enough to close the car door while your keys are still in the ignition; or maybe you didn’t put them in your pocket or purse and now they are glinting at you on the seat…  It doesn’t matter.  Give us a call and we’ll open your vehicle and you can be on your way in just a few minutes.

It really, truly isn’t a big deal, and by the time you get around to telling the story yourself, you’ll be chuckling along with your friends or family.  Really!

Accidents happen

The second most common difficulty occurs when someone is in a rush, doesn’t quite push the key all the way into the lock, and manages to snap it off when they turn it.  Inconvenient—absolutely, but it certainly is not a disaster.

Our experts at Saint Charles locksmith can retrieve the broken key from inside the lock; we can cut a brand new replacement on the spot.  In just minutes you’ll be on your way.

Even if you break off your key in the ignition tumbler, it is still best to be philosophical and think to yourself “At least I have someplace to sit while I’m waiting!”

And it doesn’t matter what type of lock it is.  We can deal with anything from snowmobiles and motorcycles, to cars and tractor trailers.  There is virtually nothing we cannot fix—from your garage door to the lock on your camper!  If your transponder key is misbehaving, we can fix that.  If your ignition is stuck so that you can’t turn it, or so that it won’t release your key, we can fix that, too.

When you need an Auto Locksmith in St Charles, Maryland, you need Saint Charles locksmith.  Remember, we live here too, and we just want to help when our neighbors need a hand.

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