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Times Have Changed

It used to be that people had respect for private property.  For the most part, if you locked up your business at the end of the day, you could pretty much expect it to be in the same condition when you returned the next morning.  Sadly, more and more people are starting to look at untended properties as targets of opportunity.

These modern day hooligans run the gamut from graffiti artists and vandals all the way up to commercial theft and industrial espionage.  Fortunately modern day security isn’t quite as easy to defeat as Hollywood movies would have you believe.  The built-in redundancy, with multiple choices for alerting authorities, cannot be defeated by cutting a telephone wire, or an internet connection.

We’re here for you

Saint Charles locksmith are well-prepared to handle your commercial needs.  Protecting your premises with a high-security, virtually un-duplicatable key is a great first step.  Good reliable locks are costly however if an employee vanishes with one of your keys they could pose a significant expense.  But not if you deal with Saint Charles locksmith!  We can rekey even high-security locks for you!

Naturally we can change your locks to a better quality, with higher security features such as:

  • Fingerprint-recognition biometrics. You can do away with keys entirely, and if an employee leaves, it’s as simple as deleting their fingerprint from the record.
  • Sometimes you just need a safe to feel better. We can do that.
  • Secondary building doors should be operable in an emergency, self-closing, and able to alert if they are prevented from latching securely. We can do that.
  • Some professions such as Physicians still keep numerous paper records. You need an upgraded locking solution for your filing system to protect your patients’ confidentiality.  We can do that.


We can provide:

  • Video monitoring to cover your entire property, inside and out.
  • Biometric identification for your employees so you always know who is, and isn’t, in the building.
  • RFID tags for visitors so you know when they arrived, where they went, and when they left.
  • High-security locking mechanisms for your of your storage facilities to protect your property.

Saint Charles locksmith can handle all of your commercial needs.  We are your number one choice for a Commercial Locksmith in St Charles.

We’ll be here when you need us and we always offer no-charge estimates.  We can handle projects of any size.  Please feel free to use this form to contact us for any of your locksmithing or security needs.